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Let's Build a Zoo (Steam+ More TBC)
April 2021


It's time to Build a Zoo! Construct and decorate enclosures, buy and breed animals, hire zookeepers and vets... then try your hand at DNA splicing, and stitch together over 300,000 different types of animal. This can only go smoothly...

Create an animal Nirvana, or an evil corporate empire, it's up to you to decide where your morality lies.

GORSD (Steam/PS4/Switch (PHYSICAL)/Xbox)
Sept 2020


GORSD: Intense arena combat, with a twist of nightmares.

Born from a womb-eye, you discover a world seething with challenges created by an unknown power. For what purpose were you created? Uncover the truth of the GORSD!

Available on all previous gen consoles, (including a physical switch release), and coming soon to PS5/Series-X.

Decks & Dungeons (Steam/PS4/Switch/Xbox/Mobile)
Oct 2019


Coming soon to consoles.

After the events of the Legend of Evil, it is time for you to play as the good guys and see the battle from the other perspective!

PixoCities (Steam/Switch/Mobile)
Oct 2019


Build and explore intricate cities, interact with people and uncover their daily lives.

Play inside a mix of pre-built environments and cities you build yourself. Help direct people towards their goals, while keeping your city layout free of obstructions. Feel like an artist as you unlock more and more content to make your own spectacular city!

Prison Planet (Mobile/Switch/Steam)
Sept 2019

Discover aliens, design and build your own intergalactic space-prison! To play, design cell blocks and confine prisoners using your security drone! This unique combination of building and action mechanics will keep you playing for hours.

  • Discover and collect many unique aliens!
  • Secure your prisoners in the action packed Lock-Down Sequence!
  • Build your very own unique prison!
  • Research new buildings and cell blocks!
  • Keep your inmates in great shape to maximize profits!
Space Lift Danger Panic! (Switch)
Feb 2019
For years we have had a totally new version of Space Lift, we have just been waiting for the right platform. Now, we have found it with the Nintendo Switch! A new existential storymode, and completely redrawn "HD" graphics...(if going from Atari to SNES can be considered HD at least).

Are you ready for the ultimate panic?
The Legend of Evil
Oct 2019
Our most ambitious game yet! Play as Bill, an employee stuck in a dead end job working for a demon king. Your new task: Obliterate all the humans and expand the realm of your employer...

Craft demons and define unique strategies in this one of a kind tower offense game! The story mode is crushingly challenging - do you have what it takes!?
Jan 2018
Fresh off the heels of Hiragana Pixel Party, we are launching our 3rd game on the Nintendo switch!

Nuclien, originally received great reviews when it was launched as a premium game on iPhone in 2013, now remastered and updated. We can't wait to see what people think of it on this new platform.
Hiragana Pixel Pary
Dec 2017
Hiragana Pixel Party is now available on The Nintendo Switch! We updated the graphics, added new music and generally made everything feel better!

Read the review here!
Ultra Hyperball!
28th July 2017

Built exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, Ultra Hyperball is our first game.

In the ultimate sport of Hyperball, have you got what it takes to be the ultimate champion!?

Climb the ranks in the game's single player story mode. Play as Jay, an unlikely hero, battling against the odds to join the Hyperball league!

  • Single Player Story Mode
  • 2 – 4 Player Co-Op and VS modes, for a party game experience
  • 'Pick Up and Play' Arcade Mechanics
  • 5 Game Styles
  • Uses controls only possible on the Nintendo Switch™: Motion controls and the Touch Screen
  • 49 playable characters!

Endless fun with friends or alone, Hyperball is the sport of the future you can play today!

Desert Island Fishing!
28th July 2017
Desert Island Fishing (Winner IMGA Quick Play 2017) is a free to play mobile game with a surprising amount of depth.

Taking over a year to build, there is more to the game than just catching fish. Discover 6 islands each with their own specific characters and stories.

It turns out that there are a lot of things you can catch in the sea, from plastic garbage to fully playable videogame consoles.

Desert Island fishing links with The Last Vikings to unlock new exclusive content.

Campaign clicker!
29th May 2016

Campaign clicker is out now on Mobile, and Steam!

The game is an innovative clicker game focusing on the US election. Unlike other idle games, Campaign Clicker takes place over 24 hours real-time, forcing players to try and beat the game in one 24 hour session. After each election day, the game resets and players get to try again, with several bonuses in place to make things easier.

The thing I am most proud of is that the game features live tweets from the candidates and the players. My hope is that some people who might not read the news will get exposed to more real politics and up to date comments of the candidates. Hopefully, the game will result in some people making more informed decisions about who they will vote for in the upcoming elections.

The game has been downloaded over 300,000 times so far on mobile, and we are excited about our future updates.

Hiragana Pixel Party!
Despite never having been featured, and us spending no money on marketing, Hiragana Pixel Party has been downloaded over 100,000 times on iOS.

So, while it took us a while, we are very happy to see Hiragana Pixel Party released on STEAM this week. The steam version features new music, controller support, and a whole new input system, along with some super epic new environments. We also made some Steam trading cards. If the game performs well, we may bring it to more platforms!

As the first game I made after leaving corporate life, I am still very proud of HPP!

The Last Vikings!
Jan 2016
The Last Vikings was released on Mobile platforms at the end of 2015, we were in the first group of companies to benefit from Google's "Indie Corner" initiative. The game was featured by both Apple and Google on launch.

Take on the role of Eric Blood Axe, and try to rebuild the Viking Civilization in this epic RPG! Sail the seas, Explore the land, and Battle your friends in this huge scale game.

The Last Vikings took us a year to develop, and it is the largest game we have ever built!

Watch a segment of Google I/O 2016 to hear all about the Indie Corner and Springloaded.

The Last Vikings is also coming to Steam soon! It has been downloaded almost 2 million times.

Digipen Game Studios!

This year Digipen announced a partnership with Nintendo, to bring Singapore games to their hardware. This partnership means that studios like ours can get involved and work directly with Digipen and Nintendo to ensure our games are double epic!

Even though we cannot announce anything at this stage, as the only developer in Singapore to have previously worked on the 3DS platform, it's safe to say that we are looking at this opportunity very seriously. And if there were some kind of pilot scheme, and we were to be the first developer to work within that scheme, it maybe wouldn't be too surprising to anyone.

What kind of game would we make? Well the image on the right might give you some ideas, but they aren't accurate. For a couple of images you could find us on Instagram

Heart Beaten 3DS
Heart Beaten is our second game on 3DS. Since its release, it has been listed as one of the "Ten Indie games you need to own on your 3DS".

Heart beaten was originated from a 24 hour game jam. The version released on 3DS is almost unrecognisable from the original version, featuring new gameplay, graphics and music. I rewrote the game from the ground up for the platform, while our guest coder Paul handled the struggles of getting the game onto the 3DS hardware.

Space Lift Danger Panic! (3DS)
Space Lift Danger Panic! is our first 3DS game. I have made almost 30 games on Nintendo platforms throughout my career, but this is my first time doing it as an Indie!

Console development is tricky! But in many ways, it's not as hard as I remember it to be. We flew through the TRC's and are now super excited to see the game out in USA / EU eShops. A Japan release would be nice, but there is a lot of complexity with releasing a game in that market if you don't live there.

The game was originally released on Mobile in 2013 and was one of my first solo developed titles. This release is the ultimate version of the game, and the one I am most happy with!

Singapore Connections

Commissioned by the Singapore Government, we made a prototype for a game to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Singapore.

We made a series of minigames based on Singapore's wide and varied cultures. While we were initially selected to move into full production with the game, ultimately, things didn't work out. However the Dragon Boat game served as the inspiration for what would later become "The Last Vikings".

During the development of this game our team size grew to 15 people, and Springloaded became an unwieldy beast! We are a lot happier now focusing on our own thing, albeit with a smaller team.

I learned a lot about outsourcing through the project, and where to take and not to take risks.

Tiny Dice Dungeon

Tiny Dice Dungeon was the first game Springloaded released as a company.

The game is an innovative RPG with dice rolling mechanics at its core.

Available to play on Mobile platforms and the Kongregate Web portal Tiny Dice Dungeon has reached almost 3 Million players to date.

We love the game, and hope to revisit it for a new game one of these days!

Atomic Test Pilot
My final game as a solo developer. This was the 5th Solo game project for Springloaded, and demonstrated to me that we needed to grow a bit to become more successful at what we do.

Atomic test pilot was actually in development for less than a week (I took a break from my bigger game to work on it) and has continued to collect a small number of fans since launch.

We started work on a Wii-U version, and a 3DS version, neither of which were ultimately completed... But you know! Never say never!

Nuclien has a long history. It was originally called "Alpha Gene" and was released on Windows phone in 2010.

Several years later after becoming a full time indie developer, I decided to dig up the code, refine it and re-release it on iOS and Android. As my second proper release (after Hiragana Pixel Party), I had high hopes. The game was featured on Kotaku, and gained a relatively large user base (the game is currently a premium title).

To date, the game has been downloaded 30,000 times.