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Company Overview

Currently based in Singapore, Springloaded was founded by James Barnard, a seasoned developer who has been working in games and creative industries for as long as can be remembered. James started his career as a musician, then briefly worked as an Artist before moving into Design and production. Getting to work on the very first Nintendo DS dev kits means that James has been designing for touch screen gaming for longer than most people!

Before starting Springloaded, James had shipped well over 30 console games, mainly in a design capacity.

While never having been a programmer, James has been heavily involved in scripting during his time as a Lead Designer at LucasArts. This experience gave James the confidence to take on coding at Springloaded, which is why the last few years have been the most challenging and exciting part of his life to date. (I say his, but I really mean mine, these corporate things are always in the third person... It is very odd writing about your self in the third person... Anyway, I shall continue!).

Cindy Lee is Springloaded longest running employee, she is an exceptional artist and very talented Designer. Her influence on Springloaded's games is huge, and she continues to blow everyone away with her amazing art, insightful design methodologies and offensive sense of humour.

Eggone helps Springloaded from time to time, he doesn't work for us, but he is always there to help out. His engineering ability is really exceptional. He is just as at home breaking out some development hardware and solving it's many mysteries as he is writing server code or a hardcore shader optimization.

Shu Yun Has been with Springloaded for over a year, and her pixel artistry is a force to be reckoned with. She loves to draw characters, and has some really unique suggestions on how they can feature in our games.

Lydia Lok is a part time business advisor, she has worked with many start ups in Singapore, and also has experience working at the government level. In many ways she is our most important team member, because she helps us keep on top of our finances and stops us from spending money we don't have on things we don't need, like custom manufactured cheese flavoured chewing gum.



We are always hunting for awesome staff, if you think you have what it takes to work at a tiny little indie studio, then drop us an email. We are mainly looking for engineers, but in reality if you are a nice person and have lots to offer we will be super excited to have you on board.

Email Lydia,